Courses1 levelTop 10. Best Techniques E.Mi-Design

Top 10. Best Techniques E.Mi-Design

Top 10. Best Techniques E.Mi-Design
Original best selling techniques of nail design by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. These techniques are hits, they are always at the peak of fashion and help make manicure of any complexity for any client. They will always come to assistance if you can’t draw and will help you if you have lack of time or client is not able to choose a design.

  1. Fashion Textures using EMPASTA. It gives the opportunities to create gorgeous texture manicure;
  2. NAILDRESS is a work with slider designs on artificial and natural nails;
  3. Incrustations with crystals and decorations, types of incrustations;
  4. Casting technique is an ideal glossy manicure, double foil print and embossment effect;
  5. Work with all types of dust and pigments including Prism, Brilliant and Chameleon pigments, Satin Effect rub-in;
  6. Crackled Effect is a print of matte foil with cracked effect, ethnic prints and denim;
  7. Velvet Sand, cosy manicure Knitted nails;
  8. Liquid Stones;
  9. Textone is a stylish chrome manicure; different material opportunities and combination with various techniques;
  10. Charmicon decoration is a fast way to create glamorous manicure just in few seconds.
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Top 10. Best Techniques E.Mi-Design