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Free Seminars

Free Seminars

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Бесплатный семинар" width="700" height="295" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10997" /></a><strong>Dear Ladies/Madams!</strong>

From February the 1st, you have a great opportunity to take a part in free seminars, where you will get <strong>BONUS! - a discount of 1000 czk for our training seminars!</strong>, which you could choose by yourself according to our schedule.<!--more-->
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<strong>Next discounts:</strong>
<a href="">Art Painting – Basic Course</a> - <strong>1000 czk</strong> discount
<a href="">Color Gel Design – Basic Course</a> - <strong>1000 czk</strong> discount
<a href="">Crackled Effect</a> - <strong>500 czk</strong> discount
<a href="">Reptiles</a> - <strong>500 czk</strong> discount
<a href="">Sophisticated Flowers Ornaments</a> - <strong>500 czk</strong> discount
<a href="">Barbie’s Wardrobe</a> - <strong>500 czk</strong> discount
<a href="">Complex Abstraction. Fruits</a> - <strong>500 czk</strong> discount

<h4>Registration is by phone + 420 773 208 276 or by e-mail</h4>

Leader of the project: Alina Liasun.

<strong>Looking forward to seeing you at our school!</strong>
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