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New! E.Mi Care System

New! E.Mi Care System

New! E.Mi Care System!
5 exquisite perfume compositions:
1. Daily Casual — Energy and mood boost for the whole day for bright and active people.
2. Feel Freedom — Spirit of freedom for decisive and confident people.
3. True Romance- Tenderness and lightness for romantic dreamers.
4. First Lady — Charm and freshness for perfect style icons.
5. Sweet Poison — Sensuous accords for outrageous and glamorous ladies.
  • Ultra moisturizing perfumed 24-hour cream with a pleasant enveiling texture, it is well absorbed, filling in the skin with radiance and attractiveness.
  • Extra nourishing perfumed souffle cream with an airy texture, it penetrates deeply into the skin on hands and body, acting as a protective mask.
  • Ultra moisturizing perfumed lotion with a tender weightless immediate-action texture. It deeply nourishes the skin, offers the feeling of moisturizing without heaviness.