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New! E.MiLac Tropical Garden

New! E.MiLac Tropical Garden

New! E.MiLac Tropical Garden:
  • New Formula *2 PIGMENT. Universal product for natural and artificial nails characterized by an economical consumption – being the hybrid of gel paint and gel polish. Polymerized only in LED or LED/CCFL lamps, time of polymerization for each layer is 1-2 minutes.
  • Attractiveness Paints. A fashionable palette of the collection is penetrated with juicy and bright colours of exotic tropical gardens.
  • Charming Fashion. In city jungles and on an uninhabited island, at the party and on the beach, E.Mi-manicure with the colours from the collection Tropical Garden will accentuate the brightness of your charm.
  • Magnificent Combinations. The intense colours of the summer collection perfectly match each other and will help to create a truly blossoming and captivating look.